Leapic Audio CD Burner Free

Leapic Audio CD Burner Free

Create standard audio CDs from your audio files, quickly and easily

Leapic Audio CD Burner Free allows you to create standard audio CDs from your audio files, quickly and easily. It supports source files in the three most popular audio formats – MP3, WAV, and WMA. In addition, it supports most CD-Writer brands and technologies, and can burn your music to 74 minutes, 80 minutes, and re-writable blank discs.

Thanks to a minimalist but functional user interface, this program can be used by any person with basic PC usage skills. You can add one or more source audio files in any of the supported formats, up to the capacity of the disc you are planning to burn. You can also delete any element added by mistake, or change their listening order. Then you can select your recordable disc drive – in case more than one is available – and specify your preferred burning speed or simply leave it as "Auto". With this very few steps, you can start the recording process, which will produce a standard audio CD in minutes.

As an additional tool, the program includes a re-writable disc eraser, which allows you to choose an erase method – quick or full. Finally, using the simple menu provided on the main window, you can also clear the entire track list, and open or close the tray of the active disc drive.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Very easy to use
  • Minimalist but functional user interface
  • Supports source files of the three most popular audio formats: MP3, WAV and WMA
  • Supports most CD-Writer brands and technologies
  • Includes a re-writable disc eraser


  • Accepts high-quality source audio files only
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